From San Miguel to Mexico City

Getting from SMA to DF (District Federal) takes about 3 enjoyable and comfortable hours on the luxury bus. The scenery is interesting along the way and the bus is so much more comfortable than an airplane! 

There is so much to see and do in DF and the 4 days and 3 nights we were there just barely scratched the surface. 

We stayed in the Condesa area of the city, which is very upscale, with beautiful parks, bustling cafes and is central to  the rest of the city. We walked around as much as we could but it is the rainy season and there was a whole lot of rain. 

We enjoyed the Turibus tour of the city and rode it for 2 days. We visited 

  • Museo Nacional de Antropología – a must do
  • Contramar Restaurant – one of the most popular restaurants in the city
  • Mr. Sushi – in Colonia Roma
  • La Buena Tierra – in the Condesa
  • Coyuacan 
  • Zocolo 
  • Image

San Miguel de Allende, A most charming place to live

This is a recent hike I did to the Pena de Bernal, the 3rd highest monolith in the world

Having traveled extensively, I can say firsthand that San Miguel de Allende is a most special place in the world. This magical town is a UNESCO world heritage site and is a colonial jewel like I have not seen before. The air is fresh and the lighting incredible with the  surrounding mountains that fade into the vast expanse of sky. The diversity of it’s people mixes with the history and it’s like a snapshot in time. I love walking through the cobblestone streets and taking in all that this colonial town has to offer: the colorfully painted buildings, the bougainvilla, the old iron railings, the enormous wooden doors where you’ll find mystery behind each one.

I especially love the lack of cameras posted on traffic lights – we have no traffic lights, and few stop signs.

I love the lack of police lurking everywhere, waiting to trap you for any misstep.

I love how the local people are so gentle and polite and so good and patient with their children, who never scream or whine.

I love the art, the culture, the relatively inexpensive cost of living. I love the food and the local markets.

I love the scenery and the open spaces and I love the hikes and the nature that I have been discovering.

I love how happy I am here and I love all my friends who embrace and support me.

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